Thursday, January 1, 2015

Forget Resolutions. I have Goals.

That's right, I've set Goals for myself, with a capital G. And they are attainable.

I will hold myself accountable. I will track what I eat and drink. I am tracking my activity. Note, there is no weight loss goal. The current goal is simply to be accountable. With that generally comes the weight loss and better health, because if I know it's getting put down, it had better be worth eating.

And no one wants to see a flat graph for activity. I realize that sewing and knitting register, but I'm not worried about that, because it's still activity. It's not placid sitting on my butt zoning out to the TV.

Also tracking my sleep. So now I'll be more likely to get enough. Because when I don't, I'll see it.

Same with finances. I'm hoping to get a budget figured out. It's all about being accountable. Not buying anything without tracking the expense. When it's staring at me, I'm hoping that I make better choices.
I'm hoping to post something here or on my craft blog more often too. No set amount, just something, more often.

So that's my goal, to be accountable to myself in what I do and where my energy goes. If all goes well, better things will follow. Because I know how to do things right. The trick is the follow through.

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