Monday, June 15, 2015

Things that make me wonder...

Recently, big news has been that the head of NAACP in Spokane, WA is *shock and gasp* not actually black. Yup, she was outed by her parents. And now she's resigned her position. And people are horribly offended that she would pass herself off in such a way, even though she apparently was performing the duties of the job effectively. As far as the issues between her and the police and harassment go, that's another matter entirely.

Exclusively with regards to her deciding she identifies more with those of African descent, I say more power to her. If Bruce Jenner can decide to be Caitlyn and gets tons of support, even though biologically there is no arguing that Caitlyn was born a man etc., then why can't someone decide they identify more with another race, and do what they can to be a part of that race.

Be who and what you want to be. She wasn't hurting anyone, and was actually helping quite a bit for the most part. Again, there are legalities at play here. But seriously, when it comes down to the basic argument that she was pretending to be something she's not... Aren't we all, to some degree?

A completely separate issue, but only slightly.

Other big news of late, at least locally, is with regards to a bill signed into law by Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder. This is another one that is pretty pointless at present. The Supreme Court is due to rule on Michigan's Gay Marriage ban soon. So much of this may become a moot point. In addition, in April, he stated that he would veto any RFRA style laws (which this clearly is). And honestly, is this really an urgent matter that had to be addressed now? Um, no. Not really. Grand scheme of things, this is pretty low importance for the state.

I've decided that since our lovely legislature has yet to come up with a way to deal with budgeting for much needed road repairs, they opted instead to throw out a hot-button issue that probably won't stick. Because apparently, this is how you run a state... when you can't solve a problem, you distract everyone by throwing out controversial legislature. Way to go.

Pure Michigan.

Love where I live, but wow, sometimes I just don't know what to think.

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